Teenager and young adult Reviews

I enjoyed reading the book because Tony has more of an insight into the average teenagers life than most adults. The chapters are well written and relatable, and the challenges are a great way to put what you have just learnt to the test.

C.J, aged 15 – Teenager

This book is amazing. Things that need to be said and heard are now down on paper so it’ll do great favours for anyone who reads it. Overall I think this book makes me feel seen and heard and understood because I could relate it back to myself and it felt like it was written for just me at some points. I could relate so much and I’m sure everyone else could too if they read it. It’s a good wake up call that can put things in perspective for you very gently but it also tells you to get a grip! It felt very honest and genuine. It didn’t feel like it was trying to teach us and change our ways. That is one thing teenagers already have too much of.

Jack Goodman, aged 19 – Teenager

This book reinforced my belief that being yourself is enough and helped me see the steps to take to learn how to fall in love with myself when I feel lost. This is a must read for all young people. The overall message I got from the book was that life is messy and we are all just as scared of the wrath of life as the next person. I will take a lot from this book and I think everyone who reads it will.
Amy Bermingham, aged 19 – Teenager
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