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It’s the type of book you can come back to and dip into. The bits I have read are very good and useful. It’s like a bible for adults and teenagers. A bit like the books you picked up when your kids were born.

Therese Murphy-Cahill

There is real stuff in this book. I’m 50 but with your words I was easily able to be back as I was when I was a 16 year old. Males of any age are generally not good at going to some the places in our heads and heart that this books takes you but thats why this book needs to be read because it could open the door. Just to say I loved it. 

Bradley Canning – Colorado, USA

Tony Griffin has spent ten years going to schools all over the world to work with groups of teenagers with the single aim of opening their hearts and minds to their own potential. He committed himself completely to it and through the Soar Foundation he co-founded, he achieved what he set out to, he created the conditions in classrooms everywhere he went where young people could, for even a day at least, get a taste of their true selves, the deeper, instinctual, wild character beneath the shiny exterior. He knows teenagers.

If you have, or know of a young man or woman, those we call teens, that may need a leg up, some inspiration, or to hear from an adult who truly understands young people, this is the gift.

Diarmuid Lyng – Kerry, Ireland

If you have a teenager or know a teenager and wish for them have the resources to live their fullest life and not have their awesome wildness tamed get this book for them. Tony is an incredible man who has spent his years living a courageous life in pursuit of his dreams and for just under the last decade he’s dedicated his life to helping young people unleash their potential and break the shackles of insecurity and all that blocks us from the lives we deserve. He’s distilled this recipe and his discoveries in this book for teenagers and those that care about teenagers.

Tom Harkin – Melbourne, Australia

Every teenager in the country needs to read this book. I would go so far as to say that every parent in the country needs to read this book too. I had it read in two days and it took me a month to read Roy Keane’s autobiography as that’s the kind of reader I am. I was absolutely glued to it. It was only €20 for the book and postage by the time it was in my hand. Fair play to Tony. It’s amazing what you’ve done here and it’s going to be massive for teenagers around the country. It will help you reconnect again. Thank you, Tony.

Martin Glynn – @pebble_tree_2020